Modern Advanced Ship Building Technologies

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From the ancient simple compass sailing method to today’s GPS technology, these evergreen great sailing innovations have changed the way sailing is done and made it quite convenient.

Here, I am gonna talk about the modern innovations and technology which have made this ship-building quite easy and convenient than it was earlier.

Technologies that Change the Future of Ship Building

1. Ballast Free Ship Designing

Ballast Free Ship

It is a modern ship building technology which basically bypasses the ballast design because due to ballast water disposal many ecological problems arises.


Ships, that are designed using this technology has long pipes from front to back (parallel to the ship movement direction) where the local sea water flows continuously and that reduces the risk of mixing of the contaminated water into the sea.

This technology is completely new and being tested but this will surely be the future of the ship building.

2. 3D Printing Technology

Ship Building by 3D Printing

Although 3D printing is in trend for too long but it is not affordable and sustainable for the industrial use. But recently, a company NSWC has created a hospital ship using this 3D printing technology only. So, experts claim this as the third industrial revolution.

Using this technology, complex 3D shapes can also made easily without wasting much time on them. Actually, the parts, that are made using the 3D printing technology not require much finishing as they have pretty good surface finish.

3. LNG Fueled Engines

LNG Engine

LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas. It is gaining popularity now a days as a ship fuel because it’s completely pollution free and does less harm to the atmosphere.

Because, as per the statistics, CO2 emissions in the LNG engines is reduced by the 20-25% than that of the diesel or petrol engines.

Some top ship engine design companies like Mitsubishi, Wartsila, Rolls-Royce and MAN etc. are doing a lot of research in the LNG engine development field.

On the basis of the research works that are continuously going on with the LNG engines, it can easily be predicted that the future ships will have LNG engines to increase its efficiency and reduce down the CO2 emission.

4. Solar and Wind Powered Ships

Solar and Wind Powered Ship

You must be aware of the fact that the wind energy and the solar energy are the best sources of the renewable energy. So, solar and wind energy powered ships are the best for the shake of the environment and atmosphere.

Recently, a ship named “Turanor” was designed and covered a long distance around the world and that too without the fuel.

So, in order to save the environment from the harmful emission gases, these solar and wind powered ships are set to roll out with the more advanced technologies in the near future.

Final Words

Researches are continuously going on in order to make the ship building technology better day-by-day. By the end of 2030, we will get to see some really advanced technologies in the field of ship building which will be more cost effective and environmental friendly too.

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