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Anxiety disorders are currently the most common mental illness among people all over the globe.

One of the most common disorder is social anxiety, which is accompanied by an extremely strong feeling of anxiety. People with this disorder try to communicate less with others because social contacts cause problems with self-esteem and anxiety.

A common disorder is also panic disorder, which is characterized by repeated attacks of intense fear, anxiety, and horror. Such panic attacks are accompanied by several symptoms, such as a rapid heartbeat and chest pain.

These phobias can have quite real symptoms, including:

  • a sharp increase in heartbeat
  • excessive sweat
  • interruption of breathing.
  • shivering attack
  • change of skin color
  • speech disturbance
  • state of stupor.

At the beginning of treatment, drowsiness occurs in most patients after taking the medication. At this time, you can not drive vehicles. It is recommended to be especially careful when crossing streets and in other situations that require special attention.

However, it must be remembered that overdose and withdrawal of the drug cause a number of unpleasant and sometimes severe consequences, such as depression of consciousness and respiratory failure. So, it is highly important to read all the information about the drug when ordering it on the website of online drugstore bitcoin online pharmacy.

The recommendations for taking meds

How patients take the drug? Medicine is prescribed, focusing on the diagnosis of the patient and basing on the individual indications. In general, the daily rate is divided into several medication intakes. In fact, the maximum duration of using the drug is 3 months. Otherwise, addiction can develop.

Also, it must be noted that the drug should not be prescribed simultaneously with antipsychotic, hypnotic, antiepileptic, narcotic drugs and muscle relaxants.

So, when ordering medicine, be sure that you have read all the information and the online store is reliable for buying such medicines.

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